August 2010 Volunteer of the Month

August 2010 Aki Kulshreshtha  

File 581Aki Kulshreshtha was born in Tokyo and raised in India before she moved to Canada in 2001.  While growing up in an environment that was rich in culture and compassion, Aki came to understand both the power of women and how underestimated they were. This instilled in Aki a passion to share her experience with other women, to – in her own words – “Make them believe only we can change and better our lives.” Aki has been a dedicated volunteer with Immigrant Services Calgary’s Integrated Women’s Mentorship Program since 2009. In her time here she has mentored three women, all of whom have gone on to find jobs in their professions. The impression Aki has made is incredible. “She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,” the Program’s coordinator, Janis Clarke, recounts. “You meet these people rarely in your life – those who truly inspire you.”

 What sets Aki apart is an ability to see the strengths in others and to teach them to do the same for themselves. She has an innate talent in seeing the world from another’s perspective and the success of each one of her mentees is close to her heart. “Every time my mentee goes for an interview I feel I am going for one. When they succeed I feel as if I succeeded.” 

On behalf of Immigrant Services Calgary and our clients, we want to thank you Aki for your huge smile, your tireless motivation, and your commitment to making everyone feel at home.

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