August 2012 Volunteer of the Month

August 2012 - Piyali Dutta

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our volunteer of the month, Piyali Dutta! She began volunteering with ISC in November 2011 and has already contributed over 200 volunteer hours to the agency.   Piyali has a passion for helping newcomers and this is reflected in her work ethic at ISC! She has volunteered with several of our departments and is always reliable and steadfast in all she does. She is a valuable member of our volunteer team, below is her personal story:

“Originally from India, in 2006 I moved from San Jose, California to Calgary with my family. The first thing that struck me about Canada is its diversity and multiculturalism. As soon as my son started going to school, I decided to volunteer my time. I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way in my chosen field of office administration and data administration.  I got the opportunity to use these skills when I signed up as an Office Support volunteer at ISC.  I was drawn to ISC because it truly embodies Canada's diversity and because of the help it provides to the community. This experience helped me to meet various people from different backgrounds.  I worked closely with staff and contributed effectively to the day to day activities. It has truly being a remarkable journey thus far and I have enjoyed every moment of my time spent at ISC. And of course, I have learned many things not only from volunteering, but also from the people surrounding me. I am very lucky to work with people who are very helpful and welcoming”.   

Congratulations Piyali for being our volunteer of the month!


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