November 2010 Volunteer of the Month

November 2010 - Sandy Tse

File 653Sandy emigrated from China many years ago and has 2 sons, one in grade 7 and the other in grade 8. More than one year ago, Sandy started volunteering at Immigrant Services Calgary as an Office Support Volunteer for the Employment Bridging Program. Filing documents, researching potential employers and job positions, assisting workshops and creating complex excel sheets are some of the tasks Sandy takes on with efficiency and professionalism to help the program run smoothly. She quickly became known for her dedication and hard work. Sandy now has a new position, she helps the Data Entry team to manage thousands of client’s files.

Volunteering has been a significant learning experience for Sandy. “I was taught many new skills and given a lot of time to complete my tasks.  Most importantly, I made many new friends at ISC. I was very lucky to be working with people who were very patient and very welcoming,” says Sandy with a broad smile. Her kindness and patience combined with organizational skills and strong attention to detail makes Sandy a valuable volunteer for Immigrant Services Calgary. The staff enjoys working with her so much that they can only say great things about Sandy: “She is one of our favorite volunteers!” , and “Sandy is so dedicated and task oriented!”

Thank you Sandy for joining our team of volunteers and dedicating so much time and energy to our agency! Your work is definitely contributing to our mission in helping newcomers to successfully integrate to Canadian society.

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