October 2010 Volunteer of the Month

October 2010 Dhwani Dhaduk


File 627Dhwani has been a valuable volunteer with Immigrant Services Calgary since June 2009. Since she signed up, Dhwani has been a part of both the Multicultural Youth Action Project (MYAP) and the Youth Volunteer Program (YVP). She has always been enthusiastic and eager to participate in every meeting and event that she was needed for. Right from the beginning when Dhwani arrived from India two years ago, she has had no problem adapting to Canada’s diverse multicultural background and even mentioned that, “volunteering with ISC helped me explore various facets of my personality and enabled me to assimilate into Canadian society.”

Not only was Dhwani one of the first youths to sign up with the MYAP, she has also continued to share her time volunteering through her leadership role in the Youth Volunteer Program (YVP).  “I wanted to commit myself to weekly volunteering as I loved the idea of helping people in different ways” – and she has definitely done that. Since her first day of volunteering with ISC she has committed over 190 hours!

“I get to volunteer with various agencies and attend free workshops presented by various personalities like successful businessmen, police constables and an MLA. I have met with so many different people of different cultures and learnt many interesting things about those cultures as well as making lifelong friends. Volunteering as a part of the youth program was absolutely fantastic and it has definitely increased my love for helping the Calgary community.”

We appreciate all of the time Dhwani has spent in enlightening every event that she has been to. With her help, all of the events that she has attended have been nothing short of FUN and ENERGETIC! Thank you for all your help Dhwani!


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