October 2012 - Volunteer of the Month

October 2012 - Salma Walji 

Congratulations to ISC’s volunteer of the month, Salma Walji! 

Salma’s commitment to improving the lives of new Canadians is reflected in her role as an Employment Coach volunteer.  As an Employment Coach volunteer, Salma works with beneficiaries to create or enhance existing resumes, assists in the design of cover letters and prepares beneficiaries for job interviews.

Salma also uses her expertise in the medical field by co-creating and facilitating a training session for ISC interpreters called “Interpretation in Medical Setting, what you should know”. This session has equipped our volunteers with the necessary skills and confidence to assist ISC’s beneficiaries.

Salma has contributed over 70 hours since she first joined the Volunteer Program in December 2011. Her outstanding leadership skills and compassion for people has made her a tremendous member of ISC’s volunteer team!

Below is her personal story:

“I started volunteering at Immigrant Services Calgary after I relocated to Calgary for a new position. During my job search, I realized the effort and tenacity required to find employment. As a child of immigrant parents, I am aware that the search for employment is only one of many obstacles new immigrants face in moving to a new country. I volunteer at ISC as an Employment Coach, and am fortunate to meet and volunteer alongside smart and motivated people. With a background in healthcare, I also co-facilitate a workshop on interpreting in medical settings. ISC provides newcomers, including myself, with an immediate and welcoming community, while promoting a successful transition to a new city and country. I am lucky to be part of it.”


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