Summer 2011 - Wendy Quan

Summer 2011 - Wendy Quan

Wendy Quan“My parents are amazing people!  I came to this conclusion only after I reached adulthood.” When Wendy Quan’s parents first arrived in Canada, the only support they had were the friends and family that had previously immigrated here. In the face of the difficulties of learning a new language and culture without structured ESL classes, they managed to create a comfortable life for themselves through hard work and determination. As a result, their daughter Wendy was given numerous opportunities they were never given – university, travel, and a career. She is eternally grateful for the choices her parents made.

Despite a personal connection to the hardships of the immigrant experience, it was in the workplace where Wendy started to see the magnitude of the barriers faced by newcomers in Canada on a daily basis. As a Manager/Human Resources Advisor, hiring was one of her main responsibilities, and she noticed that many qualified candidates were overlooked due to a poorly written resume or weak performance in an interview. Wendy often felt the desire to provide constructive feedback to these individuals and help them, but refrained knowing it would be inappropriate for her to do so.

As an employment coach at ISC, Wendy has the opportunity to use her experience to help newcomers find employment and build their lives in Canada. She thoroughly enjoys meeting clients, listening to their personal stories, and getting updates on their job search progress. “I sincerely hope that every immigrant who walks through the door at ISC will find happiness and success in Canada as my parents did.”

ISC greatly appreciates all the energy and enthusiasm Wendy has put into her role as an employment coach. It is this notion of philanthropy and generosity that helps Canada become a better place for everyone and a more welcoming place for newcomers. Thank you Wendy!

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