Volunteer of the Month April 2010

April 2010 Shannon Wing

File 30When Shannon saw the web posting for volunteer Employment Coaches at Immigrant Services Calgary, she thought it would be a great opportunity to help newcomers getting started in Canada. She once participated in her company’s hiring of new graduates on campus and witnessed first hand how many otherwise qualified candidates are passed over due to inadequate resumes. By improving their resumes, newcomers would surely increase their chances of finding meaningful employment in their new home. Shannon finds helping out in this way very rewarding because the she can see how truly appreciative the clients are to receive her service.

Since beginning to volunteer at Immigrant Services Calgary, Shannon had the opportunity to help out with the 14th Annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards. Shannon said that the awards were “a great experience for her as hearing the speeches of the award winners was truly motivating and made her proud to be a volunteer for Immigrant Services Calgary”. Not only did Shannon go above and beyond the call of duty by taking on the responsibility of “Team Leader” for the raffle team, but Shannon also impressed everyone with her dedication and commitment leading up to the event and on the night of the event. Her passion and enthusiasm for her volunteer work certainly ensured great success for the raffle team! Shannon has contributed to the agency by attending steering committee meetings and providing valuable feedback and suggestions for next year’s Immigrants of Distinction Awards.

Both Communications department staff and Volunteer Program staff at ISC have been truly impressed by Shannon. It is hard to find words to express the appreciation and respect we have for her. Thank you so much Shannon for everything!

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