Volunteer of the Month - April 2011

April 2011 - Lilia Selezneva

File 821Our team of income tax volunteers comes together once a year to help low-income immigrants file their taxes during the months of March and April. This tax season, we would like to recognize the commendable commitment of Lilia Selezneva, long-time ISC income tax volunteer, and volunteer of the month for April.

Lilia moved to Canada from Russia 13 years ago along with her husband and two kids. As is the case with many immigrants, she did not have any extended family, friends or acquaintances in Calgary. In the beginning, her only preoccupations were to find a job and improve her English. However, only three months later, she was diagnosed with cancer. Though it was discovered in time, she still had to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy.

It took Lilia several months to recover from this difficult period of her life; but instead of allowing herself to be discouraged, she gathered all her strength and persevered in her journey to a successful new life in Canada. Lilia’s philosophy is: Never ‘problems’, always ‘opportunities’. She learned English and added two Canadian diplomas to her Russian degree in Economics: Business Administration and CAPPA.

Having worked in the oil and gas industry in Russia, Lilia was set on finding employment in the same industry here in Calgary. Sure enough, Lilia made her goal a reality. She currently works in the finance department of a major oil and gas firm.

In 2001 Lilia joined our volunteer team, and year after year she has devoted hours of her time to completing immigrants’ income tax returns through Immigrant Services Calgary’s income tax program. With a smile on her face and a humble attitude, Lilia eagerly gives back to the community.  “I want to help people understand Canadian rules and to build a new life for themselves and their children.  I always say: if we could do it, so can you.”

Lilia, the Volunteer Program at Immigrant Services Calgary wants to thank you for all your work, your commitment and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with immigrants. It is a true pleasure to have you as part of our team of volunteers.

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