Volunteer of the Month - April 2012

April  2012 - Bernadette Bossaer

In 1989, Bernadette Bossaer moved from Saskatchewan to Calgary along with her husband. She says that her most fulfilling experience has been raising three children and helping out in their schools and extracurricular activities.  Once they began to grow up and leave home, she felt drawn to reach out further by volunteering her time to non-profit organizations. Through her involvement, she has been rewarded with the opportunity to be inspired by outstanding people, to learn new things and to be part of a team which reaches out to make a difference in the world.

During the past few years, she has volunteered at Immigrant Services Calgary with the Mentorship Program, Workshops and Events, as well as the Interpretive Program.  She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and assisting with their transition into Canadian culture.

Bernadette has also helped Immigrants through additional volunteer work at the Calgary Public Library with the ESL Conversational Club, BUILT Network in Participant Support and CIWA with the LINC program.

She has found the Immigrants to possess a strong and determined approach to life. While she is touched by their courage to leave their countries, it also pleases her to hear them speak about their great appreciation for the opportunity to move to Canada and their positive experiences upon arrival. She admires them for their ‘never give up attitude’ and looks forward to continue benefitting from their examples of perseverance.

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