Volunteer of the month - July 2012

July 2012 - Xing Zhu

Congratulations to Xing Zhu for being ISC’s Volunteer of the month!

In March 2011, Xing decided she wanted to give back to ISC because of the help and guidance she received when she emigrated from China to Canada.  She signed up with our volunteer program as a Cultural Translator. She enjoyed attending several of the training workshops for our volunteers!  She was asked if she would like to volunteer for one of ISC’s Seniors program called “Life Skills for Daily Living Workshop for Chinese”. This program involves helping Chinese seniors learn basic computer skills and some daily survival English. With over 10 years’ experience of English teaching in China, she knew this would be a great fit!

She said, “I clearly know their difficulties and problems in language learning. Some seniors are very capable of learning new things while others need a lot of repetitions and guidance. But when I see how engaged they are and what they have achieved now, I feel quite accomplished.”  Xing’s patience’s and creative teaching style is appreciative by all the seniors who attend this valuable training course!

Xing has also learnt a life lesson from her volunteer experience “I myself also benefit from the experience of teaching and learning with those seniors since they have proved to me that one is never too old to learn. Thanks to ISC for offering me such a precious opportunity to help others and exercise my passion for teaching”.



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