Volunteer of the Month - March 2011

March 2011 - Ana Maria Fok

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Ana Maria’s biography is real proof of multiculturalism. The daughter of Chinese parents, she was born in Hong Kong and her family moved to Peru when she was two years old.

In an effort to secure a better future for their daughter, Ana Maria’s parents sent her to Canada at the tender age of 15 to further her education and expose her to new opportunities. Life led her back to Hong Kong in 1997, and over the next few years she worked for the Consulate offices of three different Latin American countries as the executive assistant to the Consul General.

Ana Maria moved back to Canada in 2009 with her children knowing one thing for sure: she wanted to volunteer and use her skills to help others in need. “I found ISC and it was the first one on my list. I enjoy every minute working for ISC; being able to help people, particularly the new immigrants, is one of my greatest satisfactions.”

Ana Maria has been especially active in the ISC Language Bank where she serves as an interpreter for both Spanish and Cantonese. In the words of one of our staff: “What is most impressive is how someone with the credentials and experience of Ana Maria could be that committed to her job as a volunteer.”

These are the kinds of actions that make Canada a better place to live, especially for immigrants and newcomers. Ana Maria we truly appreciate your time and commitment and we hope to keep counting on your help!

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