Volunteer of the Month May 2010

May 2010 Josué Ramírez

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Josué Ramírez began volunteering at Immigrant Services Calgary in 2006 as a Spanish-English interpreter for the Language Bank.  Since then, Josué has assisted countless numbers of newcomers with interpretation services in a variety of complicated and sometimes stressful situations.  “I have been working most of my life, either volunteering or professionally, supporting people…I know what it means to be a newcomer.  I know what it takes to raise your family in this city.  I understand what it means to be an immigrant.”  Josué’s interpretation work assists immigrants and their families to navigate through the maze of settlement and integration in Canada.  The assistance that he provides to our clients has a significant and lasting impact on their lives.

On top of all his interpretation work, Josué continues to offer his services for volunteer opportunities with the agency, for example assisting the Language Bank with office support. His understanding, patience and commitment to helping others has made him an exceptional volunteer and a wonderful advocate for Immigrant Services Calgary.  We are so proud to have him as a part of our team. “…thanks to ISC and their staff, they gave me the opportunity, training and the tools needed to do it in a professional manner, something that all of our clients appreciate.”

 “It is a wonderful experience to be serving as a volunteer at Immigrant Services Calgary.”

We would like to honor Josué’s contributions and thank him for all the work that he has done for our agency.

Thank you Josué for all that you do.

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