Volunteer of the Month - May 2011

May 2011 - Roshan Chander

My parents moved from India to Alberta in 1969 and did not have an easy adjustment into Canadian society as there were very few organizations that focused on helping new immigrants to Canada. As the years past, they adjusted and they are proud to call Calgary and Canada their home.

I am born and raised in Calgary, AB and have seen this City double in size since my birth. I grew up in a very diverse community in NE Calgary and I was exposed to many different cultures and embraced them all. My parents made it very clear to me in my youth to be accepting and open to all people, regardless of their cultural background. To this day, I have a diverse group of friends and business associates of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Since my youth, I have had a very entrepreneurial mind and started my first business at the age of 19. I have been successful in a wide variety of industry sectors but my true passion has always been real estate. I am currently Vice President and Co-founder of a land/real estate development company that focuses on affordable and seniors housing in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Volunteering was an aspect of my life I had neglected and I needed to fulfill. I believe to be successful in all aspects of life; you must help others to be successful. Volunteering and truly caring for the well being of others is true service to humanity.

I decided to volunteer and become a success coach for Immigrant Services Calgary because I see and understand the struggle that new immigrants to Calgary have. I also feel that the “immigrant struggle” is overlooked and sometimes devalued as a concern to the average Calgarian. I would like to change this attitude and I believe my representation of ISC is proactive in making a positive change in how we view new immigrants to our City and in the way new immigrants view our City.

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