Volunteer of the Month - May 2012

May 2012 - Linda Wang

Linda WangCongratulations to Linda on being our Volunteer of the month!

This year, Linda and the Income Tax Volunteer team assisted almost 700 families with filing their income taxes.  This is an invaluable service to our beneficiaries and we extend our appreciation and gratitude to Linda and our Volunteer Income Tax Team.

Linda’s story is one of overcoming challenges and then deciding to give back. Linda has this to say about why she decided to join Immigrant Services Calgary as a Tax Team Volunteer:  “I immigrated to Canada in 2002 with my husband. Calgary was the city that we landed and stayed since then. We had no family, no relatives and no friends in Calgary. Here is so different compared with the Chinese metropolitan city where we came from. At the very beginning we felt so lost because of the gloomy economy, culture difference, cold winter etc. However, we gradually got ourselves into the life here, with one important thing that made it happen: the people we met here are so helpful and accommodating. We benefited from the wonderful volunteer programs provided by Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) to help new immigrants to merge into the society. At the time I decided to return my gratitude to the people in need when I had a chance.

The biggest achievement I have made is that I have pursued a successful new career in Canada. I had been a television editor for 5 years back in China, but this profession was not very transferrable in Calgary. I went back to the university and received my business degree. Now I am a designated accountant working for a big energy company. As a new immigrant myself, I know how challenging it is to understand Canada’s income tax system. I wanted to use my experience and expertise to help new immigrants. As a result, I started volunteering in ISC’s Income Tax program since 2005. I am so proud that I can contribute back to the community.”

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