Volunteer of the Month - September 2011

September 2011 - Arelys Sosa

This month we recognize Arelys Sosa’s dedication and commitment to the Integrated Women’s Mentorship Program.  This program aims to help professional refugee/immigrant women overcome barriers to employment through the provision of information and skill-building workshops and the establishment of mentoring partnership. Arelys has been an active participant in training and activities for the program and is a great role model for our mentees.

Arelys Sosa was born in Cuba and arrived in Calgary in April 2009. Soon after, Arelys started the process of obtaining her Professional Engineer designation with APEGGA and accomplished it by April 2011 – only two years after first arriving in Calgary!

Although Arelys has been working with ISC as a mentor for only a semester, we have known her for over a year since she started as a client and has recently signed as a mentor.  Arelys has said, “It was important to share both my experience and the lessons learned, that’s why I approached the program to be considered as a mentor to be able to enlighten and show the path the same way that it has been previously done with me.” She found it important to try and break down misconceptions that exist about immigrants being unable to find a job in their field without personal connections. She believes that the skills that brought her and many other immigrants to Canada are the ones that will make them successful and valuable.

She enjoys many parts of Calgary, including bike riding in Fish Creek Park, having a picnic, visiting Midnapore Lake and Banff and she hopes one day to become a better skater.  The Calgary Stampede has become an event she looks forward to participating in every year!

We thank her for her dedication to the IWM program and we are inspired by her positive attitude and her perseverance and support towards clients.

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