Planning Your Career and Education

Immigrant Services Calgary recognizes that finding employment is one of the most difficult aspects of immigrating to Canada. Accreditation, education requirements and job search skills can be very different from one country to another.

We provide access to all the services you need in one agency. Our Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment - Referral Centre (ILVARC) assesses language needs so that we are able to help and support newcomers with their career and educational goals. Additionally, our Newcomer Support Services offer help and workshops for newcomers with their job search, and Immigrant Services Calgary also offers mentorship for professional women.

Workshops are offered to clients in English and other languages upon request. Topics may include: career planning, job search strategies, resume writing, interview skills, financial resources available, information on training programs and accreditation procedures, and more.

Integrated Mentorship Program

What is the Integrated Mentorship Program (IMP)?

The IMP is a mentorship program offered by Immigrant Services Calgary that seeks to connect professionally qualified skilled Immigrants with established Canadian professionals in their respective fields of expertise AND to empower them with the skills and knowledge necessary to find gainful employment in their fields.

What is the vision of the program?

To assist professional newcomers facing employment barriers in obtaining employment in their field of expertise;  to enhance the newcomers’ economic, social and cultural integration in Canadian society by creating connections between newcomers and established professionals.

What are the benefits to the mentees?

  • Get assessed on a one on one basis by program staff.
  • Interactively establish your career path
  • Participate in core training that will enhance your employability skills.
  • Get empowered by information sessions to enhance your life skills,
  • Receive job specific guidance from a mentor in your field.
  • Explore opportunities to attend networking events, job fairs and information session specific to your profession.
  • Get connected to employers  and direct hiring opportunities
  • Join our support group and interact with other newcomers who experience similar circumstances

Who can register?

  • Permanent Residents or Government Assisted Refugees with:
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • Minimum of two years of experience in their field of expertise.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) of 6 and above

Program expectations

  • Clear understanding of their goals, expectations and interest.
  • Commitment to attend mandatory Core Training (Part I and part II).
  • Commitment to 24 hours of mentoring over a four month period.

For more information contact:

Jeremy Dutton

MAPLE 2.0  Mentorship In Action

(Multicultural Achievement Program for Learning Employers)

MAPLE 2.0 is a nationwide project that brings together employers and Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) to create employment opportunities for immigrants in Calgary.

As a participating employer you will access a rich pool of new talents, receive complementary cultural competency training and one-on-one support to help integrate and retain IEPs through internships.

This is a project aimed towards EMPLOYERS and IMMIGRANTS.


For participating employers: Learn effective cross-cultural communications skills, tools, and strategies from an employer’s perspective in order to best adapt your workplace to engage a diverse workforce.

For participating newcomers: Receive professional assistance in your quest for knowledge of the Canadian workplace and for relevant employment.


  • Address employers’ recruitment challenges by connecting them to a pool of skilled professionals;
  • Reduce the unemployment and underemployment rate of IEPs in Canada;
  • Promote intercultural understanding and Canadian workplace values among IEPs;
  • Strengthen Canada’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.


  • Workplace cultural competency training for employers;
  • 12-week paid/unpaid internship for IEPs;
  • A weekly mentor-to-mentor exchange in the workplace between IEP interns and their immediate supervisors during the internship period.

For more information contact: David Marulanda or 403.265.1120 ext. 251