Building Inclusive Communities


Immigrant Services Calgary engages in Community Awareness activities together with our partners as well as the larger Calgary community, to create a more welcoming and inclusive city for all. We do this through initiating and participating in activities that facilitate stronger connections between immigrants, refugees, and mainstream Calgarians.

The Sustainable Neighbourhood Access Program (SNAP) is a catalyst for initiating positive social change in neighbourhoods and communities. This work involves:

  • Having multilingual settlement counselors available in communities around Calgary;
  • Collaborating with community partners to mobilize and engage local assets; and
  • Providing expertise, training, and other necessary resources to sustain and support community-led, neighborhood-based initiatives.

Through our Community Awareness initiatives, mainstream service providers, faith groups, and all Calgarians can gain a better understanding of immigrant needs, become more knowledgeable about diverse cultures, and become better equipped to welcome and assist new immigrants.

Immigrant and refugee participants that engage in ISC activities are given the opportunity to share their perspectives and ideas through community dialogues, and are able to further engage in community building.

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