Family Support

Giving Families the Support they Need

The Mosaic Family Resource Centre works together with immigrant and refugee families to support you in becoming active participants in the Calgary community. The centre provides programs for all of your family needs, to ensure that you thrive in Canada.

Mosaic Family Resource Centre
Phone: (403) 265-6093
Fax: (403) 538-8374

Support for Expectant Parents and Families with Babies and/or Toddlers

Parents and Tots Program
Every Friday from 10:00am – 12:00pm,
Activities include fun learning activities, rhymes, songs and games for parents and children (between the ages of 1 – 3 years) to play together. 

Healthy Start Calgary
The Healthy Start Calgary Program in partnership with the Alberta Health Services – Calgary Region, promotes pre-natal and post-natal health for immigrant and refugee families who are experiencing barriers in accessing health services.

  • Drop-In services for pre-natal families include: consultation with a nurse, nutritionist and social worker, support in accessing healthy food and transportation for eligible participants.
  • Workshops and pre-natal education sessions to provide information and support for pregnant mothers.
  • Drop-In services for post-natal families include: breastfeeding support, consultation with a nutritionist, referral to community support services, support in accessing healthy food and transportation for eligible participants.
  • Workshops and educational sessions provide information and support for families with infants up to 12 months.


The Mosaic Family Resource Centre provides two pre-school programs for immigrant and refugee children between the ages of 3 and 5. Children learn through play and participate in field trips in order to prepare them for success in school.

Our licensed onsite pre-school is offered at our downtown location on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (from 9:00am to 11:30am) and afternoons (from 1:00pm – 3:30pm).

Monthly workshops are provided for parents with children in the pre-school program. The workshops discuss issues related to health, nutrition, parenting, education and community resources.

Our off-site preschool program, the Children and Parents Community Based Program, is offered in the North East community of Castleridge on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm. Parents stay for weekly workshops on a variety of parenting topics.

Support for Families with Young Children

The Parent-Child Enhancement Project is a free program for immigrant and refugee parents with children aged 3-6 years. This program provides eight informational workshops on topics such as community resources, an overview health services in Calgary, parenting in Canada, Alberta’s education system, and more. Family field trips and recreational activities are an additional part of this program.

The Mosaic Family Literacy Program offers:

  • Songs, stories and games for families with children 3 - 5 years old.
  • Parent discussion groups and workshops are designed to increase conversational English, as well as provide a foundation in health and financial literacy.
  • Children participate in activities designed to increase skill development and promote school readiness.
  • This program is offered in two community-based locations; Castleridge (Wednesday 1:00pm-3:00pm), and Whitehorn (Friday, 1:00pm-3:00pm).
  • This program is also offered at our downtown location during the summer months.

Mosaic Toy and Book Lending Library

The Toy and Book Lending Library at our downtown location provides families with an opportunity to borrow toys, games and books for their children.

  • Interested families become members of the library and may sign out materials for a two-week period.
  • This library is operated by parent volunteers with support from Mosaic Early Childhood Program.

Engaging Young People

The Mosaic After-School Program provides regular after-school activities for immigrant and refugee children 6 – 12 years old, at three locations in Calgary. The activities are designed to enhance self-esteem, social engagement and to help the youth achieve success in school.

Activities include:

  • Live drama
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Homework help


Professional and Supportive Counselling

The Men’s Program provides an opportunity for immigrant and refugee men to meet and work together in a group setting.  The program assists men with success in their lives in Canada, in the areas of communication, conflict resolution and employability. The tools and skills for everyday living and working in Calgary are provided through workshops, referral services and individual supportive counselling.

Supportive Counselling
Parent and early childhood help is available through informal supportive counselling and community resources information. Childcare is provided free of charge for the drop-in service.

The Multicultural Outreach Connections Program provides crisis counselling to immigrant and refugee families with children younger than 7 years old. Counsellors will provide help in addressing issues such as conflict or stress management and parenting challenges.  

In-Home Support Program

  • This program is available by referral through Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority only
  • After referral a qualified In-Home Support Worker will work with the family in their home to address issues identified by case worker
  • Contact the Family Support Coordinator for more information