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COVID-19 Resources

Support at-risk newcomers with our charitable giving campaign during COVID-19.

The Government of Canada has recently announced a series of protections and benefits for families during COVID-19.

Unable to work during quarantine? Laid off due to work closures? Here are the steps and links for how to get financial support.

14 Tips to support your 5 daily human needs (social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual). 

Learn what "Social Distancing" is and how to detect, prevent, and respond to the COVID-19 virus.

Think that you might have contracted COVID-19? Here are the steps for self assessment.

The Government of Alberta has created over 10 multilanguage fact sheets for immigrants explaining up-to-date ways to prevent COVID-19.

There is a lot of conflicting information right now about how helpful masks are (or aren't). We break down the official statements from the Government of Alberta, Health Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Find out how the government will be gradually reopening businesses and activities in Alberta.

Calgary epidemiologist Maede Ejaredar, Ph.D has provided this practical information kit for Farsi-speaking newcomers.