Volunteer Youth Mentor

Role Summary: 

Volunteer Youth Mentors interact and connect with youth to aid them in developing strategies to succeed. Mentors will work with groups of 3-4 mentees to support them in different areas like effective communication, bullying, stereotyping, perceived gender ideals, and cultural biases. Firm commitment for 2 hours weekly and up to 3 months is required.


Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Sign ISC’s Volunteer Responsibility and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Attend the screening interview with a Volunteer Program staff member of ISC
  • Complete a Calgary Police Information, Intervention Record and Reference Checks
  • Attend mandatory orientation and youth mentor training
  • Follow and adhere to specific guidelines explained in the training manual
  • Respect ISC’s confidentiality policy
Skills & Qualifications: 
  • Be at least 18 years old and completed high school
  • Advanced English proficiency
  • Feel comfortable working with youth ages 10 to 15
  • Enjoy taking on leadership roles
  • Owning a personal vehicle is an asset
  • Enhanced experience working with a culturally and ethnically diverse population of Calgary
  • Enhanced cross-cultural communication skills
  • Opportunity to see personal growth in newcomers
  • Personal satisfaction of contributing to the community by helping immigrant youth succeed in Canada

If interested, please click here to apply for the volunteer role.