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Amal Mohamed

Award Category: 
Community Service Award
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Amal has made it a life commitment to help youth find their way to a bright future. As a child, her mother instilled it in her to "always give back," and she did. Growing up as the oldest of seven, she naturally took on the role of a mentor.
Fleeing from an arising war in Kuwait, Amal and her family immigrated to Canada, leaving everything behind. They faced many challenges as newcomers: a lack of support, adaptation and language barriers, and living in low-income housing. Her personal struggles made her more aware of the issues faced by youth in her community. As the older sister of four younger brothers, Amal quickly understood the social difficulties young immigrant males faced.
As founder of the Somali International Youth Board (SIYB), Amal has committed her life to creating awareness around youth-related issues. SIYB offers youth of any ethnicity participation in social awareness and recreational activities. Through the Somali United Basketball League, Amal has established a program for young people aged 16-25.
Her accomplishments include being invited to a conference for “Canadian Wide Initiative To Help High- Risk Somalis” held by Public Safety Canada and establishing a network for young Somali youth in Canada and the United States to play in a national basketball tournament. Amal is currently working towards her Purchasing Management Association of Canada designation and manages to juggle her studies while volunteering numerous hours to support marginalized youth in her community.