Carolina Dalgleish | Immigrant Services Calgary

Carolina Dalgleish

Award Category: 
Hadassah Ksienski Distinguished Service Award
Recipient Year: 

Carolina is the type of person who can transform a room with her laughter, abundant joy, and caring personality. She facilitates positive change in others, and her favourite saying is “It’s all good.” Her empathetic nature has a ripple effect on everything she does.

When the recession hit in the 90’s Carolina lost her job, along with many other professionals. She became a volunteer at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and later at the Women’s Centre. Unaware that this involvement would change her life and become her calling, Carolina found her volunteerism slowly turning into a full-time career. At the Women’s Centre, Carolina was sought out by many women because she spoke Spanish. In no time, women came from all over to see Carolina at the Women’s Centre. Humorously, her colleagues compared her to Britney Spears - “a victim of her own success” - her support so valued in the community that she could barely manage the work load. Carolina is a member of the Immigrant Advisory Table, a group of individuals passionate about building Calgary as a welcoming community. As a dedicated member of this team she helped create their three-year strategic plan.

Carolina and her family left Chile for political reasons when she was a young girl, arriving to Canada in the early 70’s when little help was available for newcomers. As the oldest child, Carolina took on a great responsibility by helping her parents navigate their new homeland. It’s because of dedicated workers like Carolina that these critical services for new immigrants exist.