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Gurmit Sarpal

Award Category: 
Community Service Award
Recipient Year: 

Gurmit Sarpal has made the world around her a better place to live. She is revered within her community on how anyone can live an exemplary life.

In the late 70’s, Gurmit immigrated to Canada. Aside from the cultural shock she experienced upon arrival, she was also battling severe depression. To combat this black cloud, Gurmit took it upon herself to change her life by becoming involved in the community. From teaching traditional Indian music to children to writing health and spirituality articles for South Asian newspapers and radio shows, she completely transformed her outlook and influenced those around her. It wasn’t long before she was approached with an offer of her own mental and physical health program on South Asian radio and television. In 2006, Gurmit founded the Royal Women Cultural Association, which has empowered hundreds of immigrant women to come forward to end tolerance for domestic abuse and violence. She has helped increase their self-esteem and nurture their artistic talents. Gumit also volunteers her time with Alberta Health Services as a community health advocate. Before immigrating to Canada, she completed her nursing degree and uses her background to facilitate workshops such as “Better Choice, Better Health.”

Gurmit has dedicated her life to enabling those in need. As a natural role model in the communities she touches, she is the person to remind us to reach out to others in need.