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Syeda Kinza Rizvi

Award Category: 
Youth Scholarships Award
Recipient Year: 

Syeda Kinza Rizvi is using her education, research, career and volunteering to spreading the knowledge about medicine to stop the spread of diseases, like cervical cancer and heart diseases.

Kinza is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Science Program, with a specialization in Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Her thesis and research is about identifying barriers to cervical cancer screening in South Asian Muslim female immigrants. She has already presented her research at local and national conferences, and recently received a scholarship from the Western Regional Training Centre. She volunteers at Canadian Immigrant Women Association as a Youth Mentor for young girls and as a guest speaker for cervical cancer screening awareness, and at Immigrant Services Calgary, as a translator. She also works part-time as a Research Assistant for influenza surveillance in Alberta in the Family Medicine department at the University of Calgary.

Having migrated from Pakistan when she was 14, Kinza took up this personal campaign very quickly - almost as quickly as starting high school which was day one of arriving in Canada! She has been described as empathetic, humanitarian and compassionate, and no doubt, we add a positive influencer. Kinza’s life goal is to specialize in cardiology to help stop the spread of heart disease in our society.