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Bojan Tosic

Award Category: 
Community Service Award
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Bojan Tosic brings many skills, talents and new perspectives that enrich our Calgary community. He was born and educated in Bosnia, graduating from the University of Sarajevo in 1988 with a BA in language arts and education. Since coming to Calgary, he has been involved in community development with the City of Calgary as a designer of innovative and well-evaluated programs, helping to foster cross-sector relationships and increase access to supports and services. Story Pals, a unique program for children, helps build youthful self-esteem and confidence by pairing children with a trained therapy dog and its handler to read aloud to the dogs. Here, children are able to forget fear of criticism or judgment as they become open and vulnerable in the process of exploration. Bojan was a key figure in the Calgary Afterschool initiative that received the Lieutenant Governor’s Group Spirit of Community Leadership awards in 2013.