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Dr. Rupinder Toor

Award Category: 
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award
Recipient Year: 

Dr. Rupinder Toor came to Canada from India in 1974. In 2007, she established the North East Calgary Women’s Clinic to bridge the gap of language and cultural barriers in health care services for women of South Asian origin. The clinic has served over 50,000 women in the past ten years and expanded its original concept to encompass family planning.

Dr. Toor also helped to establish the Punjabi Community Health Services to better understand the health goals and challenges of the South Asian community, including gaps in addictions treatment, so as to promote healthy and successful families.

Dr. Toor collaborated with Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, University of Calgary, and Bow Valley College to help new immigrants transition into the Canadian workforce and overcome barriers. 

Dr. Toor is the recipient of many awards including the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.