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Dr. Thomas Brown

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Lifetime Achievement Award
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Dr. Thomas Brown came to Canada from the United Kingdom in 1968. He is renowned for his distinguished career in the field of ice mechanics and structural engineering. For the construction of the Confederation Bridge, he acted as the principal ice consultant to Public Works and Government Services of Canada. He hired and mentored many young academics during his tenure as departmental Head of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary. 

Dr. Brown was recognized with the A.B. Sanderson Award by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering in 2014, for his outstanding contributions to the development and practice of structural engineering. He also received 14 awards for showing excellence in teaching engineering.

Dr. Brown serves as the President and Senior Partner at IFN Engineering Limited. He became a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) in 1999 and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering for his distinguished accomplishments in teaching, research and practices as a structural engineer.