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Claire Du

Award Category: 
Youth Scholarships Award
Recipient Year: 

Ms. Claire Du and her family immigrated to Canada from China in 2005, when she was 3. Using innovation and technology, she has developed a passion for bettering the community around her.

To solve a 30-year labour problem at her local gymnastics club, Claire engineered a carpet-lifting machine that can be used in the facilities. She contributes to the advanced research of teleoperation at Project NeuroArm, where she designed mounts for the tilting of a flexible-joint robot.

When she was 15, Claire saw a lack of artificial intelligence learning resources in high schools and founded a federally-incorporated nonprofit, “AI4Youth Canada”, that connects high school students with professors and influential industry leaders for artificial intelligence learning opportunities. She was nationally recognized at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2018 and won the Calgary Youth Science Fair Top Intermediate Award 2018 (1st out of 947 participants), through her innovative and creative solutions.