Dr. Adriana Fishta-Bejko | Immigrant Services Calgary

Dr. Adriana Fishta-Bejko

Award Category: 
Lifetime Achievement Award
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Originally from Albania, Dr. Adriana Fishta-Bejko came to Canada in 1999 with 20 years of international teaching experience. In Canada, Dr. Fishta-Bejko received her Doctor of Education
Degree, specializing in educational contexts and brain-based learning. Her dissertation set the foundation for her involvement in empowering immigrant children in learning English while navigating a new culture.

Dr. Fishta-Bejko was a Director of the ESL program at the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary. In 2007, she was appointed Director of Diverse Learning in the Calgary Catholic Board
of Education and held the position until 2009, and again from 2012 to 2018, when she retired.

In 2018, she was appointed Chair of the School Board at the Albanian Language School, where she develops curriculum, assessment tools and lesson plans that cater to 35 Albanian-Canadian students who are eager to learn Albanian and who have varying degrees of Albanian language skills.