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Dr. Victorino Lantion

Award Category: 
Community Service Award
Recipient Year: 

Dr. Victorino Lantion came to Canada with his family from the Philippines in 2007. He was a medical doctor in the Philippines with a strong foundation in public health and community development. In the 1990’s, he began raising awareness around issues impacting families, including domestic violence, HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, and disaster management.

After arriving in Canada, Dr. Lantion worked for more than 10 years in the field of domestic violence prevention and transforming public health institutions through community organizing, participatory action research, as well as engagement in policy advocacy. Dr. Lantion co-founded the Men’s Action Network – Calgary, a group that supports and promotes healthy family relationships.

Dr. Lantion contributed greatly to domestic violence prevention in the immigrant community by working on a system, community and personal level. Currently, despite struggles with his health, Dr. Lantion continues to volunteer for a network of 18 community-based organizations.