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Wilmer Aburto

Award Category: 
Arts and Culture Award
Recipient Year: 

In 1987, at the age of 10, Mr, Wilmer Aburto moved to Canada from Nicaragua. Shortly after arriving, Mr. Aburto’s parents gave him his first
camera, and so he began his journey to become an artist and photographer. Mr. Aburto is now passionate about projects that engage social advocacy.

Mr. Aburto has lead the development of countless art-related programs to help people facing employment barriers to develop essential
skills. Through his work with Studio C., Mr. Aburto has facilitated numerous collaborative art sessions between employers and marginalized groups to open up opportunities for people dealing with mental and physical disabilities.

While pursuing his creative career, Mr. Aburto has also been a creative force in ArtRecruits, an employment-oriented art program that teaches critical skills, such as communication and teamwork to people with disabilities. He won the Prospect Human Services Leadership Award in 2015 and Prospect Community Partner Award in 2008.