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Cargill Meat Solutions High River

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Organizational Diversity Award
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Diversification of personnel is considered a valuable asset by those corporations looking to expand their workforce, but at Cargill Foods in High River, it is more than just finding international employees with the best toolkit of skills: it is also about creating a vigorous and harmonious work community out of hundreds of employees with different backgrounds, languages, and customs, and giving them every opportunity to learn and flourish in a new country.Cargill’s positive environment of inclusiveness and safe, stable and secure employment draws foreign workers to the company. Once past the interview stage in their home country that assesses qualifications, attitudes and expectations, the chosen applicants, who must qualify under existing federal, territorial and provincial legislation, are flown to Canada at Cargill’s expense as temporary foreign workers.  However, there is an understanding that once a successful contract period has ended, Cargill will support an application for permanent residency for those who wish to stay.Cargill offers consistent and ongoing support for all employees both on and off the job; partnerships with Immigrant Services Calgary and other local organizations who assist with individual settlement needs; family and multicultural social functions; physical fitness programs on site, and a health office.  Cargill also extends its care to the larger community of High River. It donated food to the town during the catastrophic flood of 2013, fund-raises for charitable causes like the United Way, supports local schools that their employees’ children attend, and generally acts as a good corporate citizen of the community, the province and the nation.