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Chuyang (Aaron) Lin

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Youth Scholarships Award
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Chuyang (Aaron) Lin immigrated to Canada with his mother in 2006, leaving his friends and family behind in China.  Like many other immigrants, his family struggled for the first few years but, through all the economic and social hardships, Aaron saw his education as a priority.  Now in Grade 11, Aaron has secured a research internship with the University of Calgary, Faculty of Science, has a 97 per cent grade average and is an International Baccalaureate student with hopes of becoming a cystic fibrosis researcher.Aaron’s leadership was sparked during a social studies class about underdeveloped countries.  At that point he realized that many countries in the world do not have the privilege that Canada does. Poverty and social injustices were widespread around the world, and he wanted to make a global impact.  He first began by volunteering with several local organizations in Calgary, such as Youth Volunteer Corps, Youth Central, and Canadian Blood Services.  It was through World Vision that he volunteered abroad and built a house for a needy family in the Dominican Republic. Upon his return, Aaron established a Calgary Youth Committee for World Vision International and now oversees this committee where youth congregate to generate an impact in our world. At this point, he believes that helping others to overcome poverty is not a matter of charity, but a matter of justice.