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Jiani Deng

Award Category: 
Youth Scholarships Award
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As a child in China, Jiani Deng was not exposed to the hardships that she came to know after moving to Canada with her parents at age six. The sudden shift in culture and socio-economic status forced her to understand just what her parents had sacrificed to provide a successful future for their family. The three of them squeezed into a tiny, dilapidated basement room located in an area with lower socio-economic status.  A fast-dwindling bank account forced Jiani and her family to reduce everything to the bare minimum. While her parents were working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, Jiani began to see things more clearly.Throughout her short time in Canada, Jiani has not only proved her potential academically, she has also played a vital role in her community. By taking part in a variety of clubs, including the Youth Earth Ambassadors steering committee, Model UN, Earth Club, and many others, Jiani developed a keen interest in her community and those in it. For Jiani, success equals accomplishment more in abstract than concrete terms. She believes her success comes from being open to the many and diverse cultures that Canada offers and overcoming the linguistic, cultural and economic difficulties through a positive and humble attitude.