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Sarthak Sinha

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Youth Scholarships Award
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Sarthak Sinha is a Grade 12 student who has received significant academic and professional success at an early age.  Recognized in Avenue magazine’s Top 40 under 40, Youth in Motion’s Top 20 under 20, and awarded the Neuroscience Prize at the American Academy of Neuroscience, Sarthak has already made an impact in the field of stem cells and neurobiology.  When Sarthak was younger, his aunt underwent open-heart surgery to end years of suffering from a heart condition. This fueled his motivation to work towards something that wasn’t a short-term solution, and science became that vehicle.At 14, he wrote countless emails to professors until he landed a spot in Dr. Jeff Biernaskie’s University of Calgary laboratory to study regeneration after severe trauma. He is now investigating one of the fundamental questions in stem cell research, namely:  how are adult stem cells able to “communicate” through signaling mechanisms?  His research has uncovered innovative ways of dealing with such traumas. Sarthak’s journey includes working with Multiple Sclerosis Canada, which has in turn led to work on policy making that can change the way people receive insurance benefits. His efforts have been recognized with the title of National Ambassador. Sarthak has also represented the Calgary region at the national and international level, receiving a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2011, and representing Team Canada and receiving third place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where he was among the top 18 high school students in Canada.  This fall, Sarthak will be one of the youngest students to attend the University of Pennsylvania.