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Sujay Nagaraj

Award Category: 
Youth Scholarships Award
Recipient Year: 

Sujay Nagaraj emigrated from India to Canada with his family in 1999. His educational success story was bolstered by the enrichment programs offered by Calgary Board of Education and its inquiry-encouraging environment, including the project-based learning program offered by Gifted and Talented Education (GATE). Exposure to the Calgary Youth Science Fair also offered a channel for Sujay’s intellectual discovery.In subsequent years, Sujay became involved in scientific, inquiry-based, solutions to problems he saw. He pursued solutions ranging from oil-sands remediation to incurable brain tumors, winning many accolades at city, provincial, national and international levels for his work. Awards include the Lafarge Science, Society and Technology award at the Calgary Youth Science Fair (2010), gold and silver medals at the Canada Wide Science Fair (2011,2012), and second place at Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Alberta (2013).Sujay has an innate desire to make the world around him a better place by solving some of our most urgent issues. His quest for knowledge continues in his research at the University of Calgary in the field of Oncology.