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Vidhya Bavalana

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Youth Scholarships Award
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Vidhya Bavanala has made an astounding impact on the community of Calgary in the short three years she has been in Canada, arriving from her native India. As theme director of Calgary World Health Organization and an active member of Model UN, and driven by her first-hand experience with poverty and social justice, Vidhya dedicates her efforts to health advocacy, helping to create solutions that enhance global health by using diplomacy, collaboration and speech to inspire change at a national and international level. As the co-president of Heart and Stroke Foundation Students’ Association, she takes an active role by organizing “Coping with Stress” and CPR workshops on campus.

At the young age of 17, Vidhya graduated from SAIT’s pharmacy assistant program. She is currently a second year student in the Bachelors of Health Sciences program, majoring in biomedical sciences at Cummings School of Medicine. Her research in psychology at the Mathison Institute for Mental Health and Research aims at identifying predictors of antidepressants in patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. She has presented her findings at various symposiums and looks forward to publishing more of her work in the near future.