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Income Tax Clinic
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18+ Years
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Monday - Friday
8:30am-4:30pm (Monday-Wednesday), 8:30am-7pm (Thursday), 8:30am-1:30pm (Friday)

What is the Income Tax Clinic?

For over two decades, Immigrant Services Calgary has been a key agency participating in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, focusing on serving newcomer communities across Alberta.

Free tax services offered:

  • 1-on-1 tax clinics with the latest professional tax software offered year-round;
  • Informational group sessions on annual updates to income tax returns;
  • If you missed the deadline for filing taxes, our team can assist you in filing previous years’ tax returns as well. Exceptions may be made according to individual circumstances.  

If you fall within the low to modest income bracket and have a simple tax situation, our CRA community tax volunteers can help you file your taxes, in-person or online, for free!

Please click here for detailed eligibility requirements.

To book a tax appointment, please call us at 403-265-1120, and reception will connect you with a first language counsellor.

Important Slips and Documents to Collect

Income information slips

•  Employment - (T4).

•  Employment Insurance - (T4E).

•  Government Sponsorships, Social Services or Workers Compensation Board (WCB) income - (T5007).

•  Education Support - (from Student Finance or Employment Insurance) - (T5007, T4E, or T4A). 

•  Bank/Investments - (T5 or T3).

•  Scholarships - (T4A).

•  RRSP or RIF Withdrawals - (T4RRSP or T4RIF)).

•  Seniors Income: Retirement Income (T4A), Canada Pension Plan (T4A (P)), Old Age Security (T4A (OAS)), Provincial Supplements (T5007).

•  COVID-19 Benefits – (T4E or T4A) 

Tax deduction receipts

•   Medical Expenses: Please contact your drug store(s) and ask them to print a list of ALL prescriptions purchased for each family member for the tax year. Bring only “Official Tax Receipts”.

•   Donations: “Official Tax Receipts” only.

•   Childcare: Receipts must show the name of the organization and their address.

•   RRSP Contributions: Official receipts from your financial institution

•   Tuition: (T2202): Use your post-secondary school user ID/PW to log in your account and download the T2202 slip 

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