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The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is responsible for the safe, reliable, and economic planning and operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. We provide open and non-discriminatory access to Alberta’s interconnected power grid and also facilitate Alberta’s competitive wholesale electricity market. The AESO strives to foster an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace where people feel respected and welcomed for who they are, together we deliver high performance and innovative results.

Job Description

System Controllers provide the real-time dispatch and direction of energy, ancillary services markets and transmission system operations, all while ensuring the bulk electric system is operated safely, reliably, economically and in compliance to operating standards and market rules. It is an exclusive and unique career in the heart of action that impacts all Albertans. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the safe, reliable and economic operation of the interconnected electric system
  • Dispatch the Alberta electricity market in accordance with Independent System Operator (ISO) rules
  • Collaborate with transmission and generation facility owners to ensure reliability is maintained within the Alberta Interconnected Electric System
  • Schedule and manage energy transfers on interconnections
  • Monitor real time contingency analysis and run load flow studies
  • Logging and reporting system events

This is a developmental position. Our System Controller in Training (SCIT) program includes formal and on-the job training. Our team of qualified System Controllers and Real Time Managers provide guidance and support to ensure our SCITs achieve the technical competencies required to operate the grid. It is typical to spend 2-3 years in the SCIT program to get the exposure and experience to progress to a System Controller. System Controllers are required to achieve and maintain System Operator Certification with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), AESO will support your attainment and maintenance of this certification. This certification prepares operators to handle the bulk power system during normal and emergency operations and requires ongoing professional development to maintain this certification.

Signs you will enjoy working in this opportunity:

  • You thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment and are looking for an opportunity to embark on transformative change
  • You embrace change and pivot and adapt with ease
  • You like working in a team based diverse atmosphere–our team and colleagues have varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • You have a curious mind and enjoy digging in deep to learn how things work, and have interest in power systems
  • You have a keen ability to observe patterns, learn, adapt, and anticipate behavior
  • You adopt new and advanced applications quickly and you have sharp technical acumen
  • You enjoy the lifestyle that accompanies shift work environments

Education & Experience

Experience in utility transmission, generation or distribution is an asset to this role. Our team of System Controllers has a variety of education and backgrounds such as Electrical Engineering, Power System Electrician, Power Line Technician, Power/Steam Engineers, Avionics Technology, Mathematics, Economics, and Energy Trading. We are looking to continue introducing new and different experiences and perspectives as we see strength in different ways of thinking. Experience in real time critical service environments/industries with some knowledge of power systems are also relevant backgrounds.

If you have some combination of experience in a real time environment and/or electrical power systems, we are interested in receiving your application.

Qualities of a successful system controller:

  • The ability to follow set processes and protocol
  • Demonstrated advanced problem solving skills that integrate critical thinking and sound judgement in high pressure real time scenarios
  • Confidence in your decision making, you are able to remain calm and focused during a critical incident, and communicate clearly
  • Team-oriented
  • A history of consistent high performance in a highly organized, rapid moving and complex environment
  • An appreciation and understanding for compliance requirements and champion them

Alberta needs electricity 24 hours a day. This position involves 24/7 shift work and requires reliable transportation to a remote location. When our System Controllers are on shift, they are in the heart of the action and when they are off, they are fully enjoying personal pursuits.

If you are interested in this position, please apply here

Application deadline: March 31, 2023

The Alberta Electric System Operator is unable to accept unsolicited agency resumes.

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