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Let's Stand Together

Newcomers already deal with several obstacles when moving to a new country. Barriers such as access to employment services, mental health counselling, and financial supports are made even more complicated by COVID-19, and social isolation from the pandemic has already demonstrated an increase in anxiety and depression

Let's Stand Together is a charity campaign dedicated to expanding therapy and support counselling for one of our city's most vulnerable populations.

Immigrant Services Calgary provides newcomers and their families with quality social supports, and since March 16th, 2020 we have been able to successfully move over 50% of our services online. We need your help to stay on the cutting edge of technology, make quality staff available, and continue operations under significant in-call pressure.

Your donation would help with one of the following:

  • Virtual counselling
  • Visitation and in-home support
  • Stress Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Family Relationships and Domestic Violence
  • Emerging needs related to the pandemic

As we adapt to the COVID-19 we ask you to consider supporting us by clicking here.