Immigrant Services Calgary
Family Support & Counselling
We believe programs and services that help families work through pre-existing and future issues can make their transition to a new country all the more positive. We offer parent support as well as counselling services. Additionally, we encourage individuals and families to attend our workshops that focus on employment, parenting and education. First language assistance is available upon request.

This is a free program, offered in multiple languages which provides in-home support to help families develop healthy relationships.

This program provides professional counselling in multiple languages to help with challenges in personal and family relationships.

This program aims to serve parents/guardians who need supervision to access time with their children.

This program offers a safe space for parents and children 0-5yrs to learn about early childhood literacy, build community and connect to resources, while promoting first language acquisition for children through songs and rhymes.

Individual and group counselling services available in multiple languages. This service is available to immigrants as well as Canadian citizens.

This program is educational for all people. With the help of the program counselors, I have learned how to be a better father and take care of my family.