Family Support & Counselling
We believe programs and services that help families work through pre-existing and future issues can make their transition to a new country all the more positive. We offer parent support as well as counselling services. Additionally, we encourage individuals and families to attend our workshops that focus on employment, parenting and education. First language assistance is available upon request.

This program is for families with children under 7 years of age who need help with parenting and establishing healthy family dynamics.

This program provides support services to immigrant and refugee families in their home setting.

This program is for immigrant and refugee men to meet in a safe and confidential space and work through their individuals issues and concerns in a group setting.

This program is for immigrant and refugee men and their families.

This program aims to serve families who have children currently living in foster homes.

This program provides professional counselling to immigrants and refugees.

This program is educational for all people. With the help of the program counselors, I have learned how to be a better father and take care of my family.