Immigrant Services Calgary
We offer interactive programs for children and youth between the ages of 7-16 that run during and after school as well as on weekends. These programs provide them with safe and inclusive opportunities to make new friends, take part in fun activities and get help with their school work. We also offer the Community Initiatives for Immigrant Seniors Program (CISP) that is designed to help senior immigrants and refugees adapt to life in Canada.
This is a free program for youth (ages 8-12) where they can get help with homework, make new friends, and participate in fun activities.

This is a free training program that teaches community members of all ages the warning signs of elder abuse and what you can do to help and protect older adults at risk. 

This free afterschool program helps students (ages 8-15) with assignments and provides a safe space to make new friends.
This is a free program helping immigrant youth (ages 11-15) understand topics around mental health through group discussions and art sessions.

Roots Mentoring Program is free for youth between the ages of 11 to 15 years and in grades 6 to 9. This program works in collaboration with selected schools and community organizations to organize learning and mentorship sessions as well as open discussions for youth to discuss topics relevant to their current life experiences.

If you need more information or to register, please contact Jayco at 403-966-3452 or

Homework Club provides free academic tutoring to students from Kindergarten to grade 12 in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Activities include academic and social support to children and youth. By participating, attendees will have Increased confidence, improving academic performance, increased sense of belonging; feeling more supported in the community

BEDDINGTON Location - 1330, Berkley Drive NW

DOWNTOWN Location - 872, 4th Avenue SW

YIP is a free program that helps immigrant youth between (ages 12 –20) make new friends, get to know the city, and gain volunteer experience.
This program provides free life skills classes, computer classes, fitness programs and social activities to help adults (aged 55+) get to know Calgary, make friends, and have an active lifestyle.
A free class for low level English speakers to visit and volunteer in different parts of Calgary to learn about Canadian culture, employment, and community.