Pre-Arrival Services for New Immigrants from Greater China Region | Immigrant Services Calgary

Pre-Arrival Services for New Immigrants from Greater China Region

We are pleased to announce that Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) has joined partnership with Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC) and Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS of BC) at Vancouver to provide Pre-Arrival Services for new immigrants who are moving from Greater China Region, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We will help new Chinese immigrants on planning their move before departure, getting familiar with the Canadian environment and labor market, connecting them to local communities and employers, and supporting their settlement after landing. The service is free and is covered across Canada. Therefore, regardless which city in Canada an immigrant is moving to, we can help! For more information, please visit the website (English) or chat with our certified Settlement /Employment Counselor at ISC on WeChat 1-403-903-8541. You can also call our business partner in China, Henry Global Group, at 010-8587-9221. This service is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


卡城移民服务中心正式加入In-TAC加 拿大移民登陆前服务项目,与在渥太华,温哥华,和多伦多的合作机构为来自大中华地区,包括中国大陆,香港,澳门,台湾的新移民提供服务。我们的登陆前准备 辅导讲座和一对一咨询内容涵盖了目的地情况介绍,生活,教育,就业,创业,政府福务和福利,以及登陆入关的准备等等新移民在登陆前后应注意的事项和关心的 问题 。 特别在就业和进入人才市场的准备方面提供地区和行业的专门培训与雇主的直接对接。我们还会利用现代化的通讯方式,如微信和视像会议,帮助新移民获得当地准 确的官方资讯,更快更好地适应新环境和融入当地社会。这项服务涵盖加拿大全境而且完全免费。详情请浏览服务的官方网站 (中文),或者用微信(1-403-903-8541)联系卡城移民服务中心的专业辅导员 。您还可以通过我们在中国的合作伙伴亨瑞国际集团( 010-8587-9221)了解我们的服务。 这项服务是由加拿大移民难民和公民部(IRCC)资助。