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Get into the winter season with #NewSkiAB

Join the Crew, Click Into #NewSkiAB

By Doc Pow, guest contributor for Immigrant Services Calgary

Ever wondered what an Alberta winter is really like for people who venture out and into the mountains? You might notice that when you see someone who plays outside in the winter, they have a healthy glow – this is what we call “skier’s cheeks.” They just look really happy and content. 

I am honoured to be a guest contributor for Immigrant Services Calgary. My name is Doc Pow (the Doctor of Powder), and for 15 years I have made my life’s work all about getting people “stoked” to get outside and enjoy the ski and snowboard experience – something that will change your life.

Don’t just take my word for it. Please allow me to show you how you can get into something new that is going to empower your life for the better, make you new friends and even give you stronger employment possibilities through improved confidence. Start off 2020 feeling excited and confident about the future and join us by clicking on #NewSkiAB – a site that aims to inspire and educate more Alberta newcomers to ski or snowboard this winter.

So, if you have an appetite to try something different and challenge yourself in a new way this winter, this is definitely for you. Skiing or boarding is a great way to amp up your physical fitness level. If you can climb a flight of stairs, you can do this. Remember there are chair lifts and magic carpets to get you to the top of the hill!

Then ask a friend or a family member to come along with you to try skiing or snowboarding. It’s way more fun when you’re with someone. But don’t worry if you show up alone, especially if you are there to take a ski or snowboard lesson. No doubt you’ll meet a few new friends in the class.

Now, you might be asking: What should I wear? Here are the basics for staying comfy and warm:

  • Good socks are key, but not wool because they can be itchy.
  • Quality gloves. It’s wise to spend a bit more money on them so your fingers stay warm.
  • Your base layer should be some soft long underwear, a top and bottom, piece, perhaps in a nice cosy, merino wool. You can buy this at Mountain Equipment Co-Op or Mark’s Work Warehouse (just tell them you are going skiing and they will get you suited up)
  • Your final layers (it’s all about layering!) should be another top and a neck warmer. Things like skis or a snowboard, jackets, ski pants and a helmet you can rent at the hill (or check out for some Calgary second-hand deals)  

You’re all set for the slopes now! You just need to pick the place you want to go – WinSport, Nakiska and Lake Louise Ski Resort all have great experiences waiting.

Did you know?

Here are some awesome tips and tricks that will make your experience so much easier.

Not sure yet about skiing or snowboarding? Worried that it will be too cold or if you might get hurt? 

Here is some additional inspiration, from SnowSeekers’ first-ever documentary – Sunny on the Slopes.  Watch how this seven-year-old girl goes from a shy child to a confident skiing superstar! 

It’s time to take the leap and try skiing or snowboarding. And, let us know how you do by using the #NewSkiAB hashtag. We’re sure you’ll make some new friends and become a happy, winter-loving Albertan.

Are you thinking about learning to ski this year? Share this page with your snow-loving, fun-loving friends and start planning.

Stay tuned, we and ISC have a lot more educational and inspirational content coming your way this season to inspire you to head out and click into #NewSkiAB.