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Important Announcement from Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC)

Effective Immediately:  ISC’s In-Home Support Program will be transitioning to Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) on April 1st, 2021.

ISC is pleased to announce that our In-Home Support program will be transferred to the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA). Effective immediately all new referrals should be directed to CIWA for client assignments and supports.

We support our funder, Children’s Services, decision to transition ISC’s In Home Support Program to CIWA. CIWA represents a strong fit for providing In-Home Support services as they have been making a significant difference in the community by continuously offering excellent In-Home Support services in the community. ISC shares an overarching goal with agencies in our community to elevate the work and effectiveness of the sector overall, and this move represents a step in that direction. ISC is committed to collaborating together with other organizations as one or our core values is to  ‘complete versus compete’. By transitioning our In-Home Support program to CIWA, our newcomer community will be the beneficiaries of such a collective effort.

During the time of transition, our In-Home Support team members will continue to serve their current clients with no interruption to services for existing clients. CIWA is bringing onboard the current In-Home Support specialists as part of the program move to continue the good work they have been doing.

If you would like further information about this transition, please contact the following:

For information on ISC’s In-Home Support Program:

Jillian McDonald, Director of Service Innovation, ISC: Direct: 403.669.6706; Email:

Faraz Khan, Team Lead Therapy and Support Centre, ISC: Direct: 403.966.6509; Email:

For information on CIWA and making new In-Home Support referrals to them:

Kashmira Zala , CIWA In-Home Support Program Coordinator



Jillian McDonald, Director of Service Innovation

Immigrant Services Calgary