Volunteer of the Month - Janurary 2017 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Janurary 2017


Born and raised in Oman’s port capital, Muscat, Amina moved from this picturesque country in the Middle East to Canada just over a year ago.

She has fulfilled various managerial roles at HSBC Oman for over a decade and left her home country to join her husband, but Canada never felt foreign to Amina.

“Since my moving, I have never felt like I moved to a new country as an immigrant and that is because of the warmth and love I have received from the people here.

The generosity and kindness of the people living here know no bounds, and I could connect with them immediately. I have been taught from a very young age that helping those in need and those who either can't help themselves or have little or no help is one of the best attributes a human being can have.”

Amina has been an active volunteer since high school throughout her professional life. In Canada, while pursuing an MBA, she felt something was missing in her personal life. She wanted to give back to the generous Canadian society that has welcomed and gave her so much. At her husband’s encouragement she joined ISC’s volunteer program, opting for a variety of roles that allowed her maximum exposure to the agency’s different programs.

“I was so lucky to find a great platform like ISC to continue my passion of helping others. While volunteering at ISC, I have been not only a productive citizen of this society and helping others, but also I have been helping myself by learning so much; it has been an enlightening journey.”

Amina enjoys going for walks with her husband, discovering new places in beautiful Canada, watching movies, listening to music, and cooking. Still, a most generous individual with plenty to offer she found the time to volunteer more than 150 hours in just over three months since joining ISC’s Volunteer Program.

“I have been proudly a part of ISC’s volunteer team […] which in result enriched me to know the people, society/ community, and the culture itself […] I can't be grateful enough for all the opportunities it has provided me thus far.”

We too are grateful for all your hard-work and dedication, Amina.