Volunteer of the Month - March 2017 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - March 2017


A believer in rendering selfless service to the community, Enitan has always been passionate about helping others. Her professional experience includes teaching kindergarten to grade 3 children, as well as working in Human Services with people with disabilities.

Enitan is both a leader and a mentor. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Education and Social Studies and a Post Graduate Degree in International Relations and describes herself as a go-getter and a highly innovative person. First as Team Leader and later as Deputy Manager, Enitan always supported her 15-member team in their personal development and professional advancement.

“Having worked and lived in a multicultural environment over the years, my driving force is excellence and the way I always achieve this is by […] learning from people around me…”

She moved from the United Kingdom to Canada in 2016, but Canada was not strange to her.

“Settling down in Canada was not too difficult for me, as I have been coming to Canada since 2004 for holidays. It’s a very beautiful country and from my experience, the people are warm and kind. The only challenging aspect is the weather which is far colder than UK […]”

She enjoys soccer, cooking, and listening to the news.  Calgary’s Stampede is an event Enitan always looks forward to, not only because people are treated to the traditional pancake breakfast, but also because of its inclusiveness.

“It’s a time when everyone irrespective of gender, race, and religion comes together as one to have fun.”

As soon as she settled in Calgary, Enitan joined the Volunteer Program at Immigrant Services Calgary, particularly interested in the pre-school program at MOSAIC Family Resource Centre. In just over six months, Enitan has already contributed over 100 hours to this program.

“…this role has given me much pleasure and joy; the team I work with is very supportive and values my contributions and ideas. They do not treat me differently; they make me feel as part of their team”

We are happy that you feel part of the team, Enitan, because you are. Thank you for all your support and congratulations!