Volunteer of the Month - May 2017 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - May 2017


Gurpreet moved to Canada with her family in August 2015. Moving to a new country to start a new life is never easy, but her family received friends’ support which helped them to integrate faster

“For the first couple of weeks, my husband's friend's family was of great help. With their support, it became a lot easier for us to settle down here. “

Once Gurpreet became more familiar with Calgary, she wanted to be a part of the community and help others. In April 2016 she joined the Volunteer Program at ISC and quickly started to volunteer in a variety of capacities. She interpreted for newcomers with a language barrier; assisted at various workshops and community events organized by ISC; and supported the Volunteer Program with a diverse range of office duties.

“I started volunteering for ISC in 2016. It is a great experience for me as I get to meet new people, which I like a lot! I am also passionate about helping people […]

 It's been amazing to volunteer for ISC as they have given me a chance to serve my society, which is a great opportunity for new immigrants like me to gain Canadian experience and also build some contacts. More importantly, it enables new immigrants to understand the Canadian culture and integrate."

Gurpreet has a degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Electronics and has worked as an office administrator. She plans to pursue further studies in Calgary to enhance her career prospects and accomplish her personal and professional goals.

“There is an immense satisfaction when I help other people who are new to Canada.  I am extremely humbled by the honor of being 'Volunteer of the Month' at Immigrant Services Calgary and look forward to giving back even more to the organization.”

Thank you for your passion and generosity, Gurpreet; we are lucky to have you. Congratulations!