Volunteer of the Month - June 2018 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - June 2018


Fatima Mobeen is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month!

Born in Dubai, Fatima was 11 when her family moved to Canada in the fall of 2000. In the beginning, she lived in Montreal with her parents and four siblings. They faced multiple challenges, the French language spoken in this Quebecois city proving itself a huge barrier. Fatima is an ambitious individual though, and being fluent in French became her goal.

Not long after arriving in Canada, she started volunteering with Park Extension Youth Organization where she was the youngest volunteer, and volunteering became a way of life.

“As years went by, the more I gave back to the community the happier I felt. One of the major projects to be involved in while a youth volunteer in Montreal was on Human Rights. That was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.”

In Calgary, Fatima has been volunteering at the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly, the Rahmah Muslim Women’s Centre, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, and Junior Achievement youth organization among many places; all while she was a full-time student at Mount Royal University. Having recently graduated with a major in Sociology and minor in French Language, she continues to support multiple organizations through volunteering.

Fatima joined Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer Program in 2016 and she contributed over 120 hour so far. From fulfilling diverse administrative duties in different departments and facilitating group sessions with the “Girl Power” program, to supporting several community events, Fatima has always lent a helping hand when needed.

“Volunteering with Immigrant Services Calgary has been an amazing experience from day one. By supporting and assisting in variety of programs such as Language Bank, Girl Power, and ILVARC, I have had a great opportunity to share my experience and learn a lot more in return. 

I am truly thankful to ISC for making me part of its great team that has helped me blossom as a person. Only through ISC I have had a chance to be around and work with people who come from a diverse range of different cultures and backgrounds. On a personal note, I would highly encourage our elders to push our youth to step up and openly embrace volunteerism, get involved within our community and become a role model for others.

I can never forget to thank my parents for the love and support they have given from the day we entered this country. They helped me become the person I am today, achieve all the accomplishments I have. They always taught me and my siblings to strive for our best and not forget to give back to the community.”

Thank you Fatima, for being an inspiration for all those who know you. Congratulations!