Volunteer of the Month - July 2018 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - July 2018


Karly Jean Ross is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

Karly started volunteering at ISC in the fall of 2017 and soon became an essential factor in the success of ISC’s Homework Help Club in the community of Beddington.

An individual of many talents, “an awesome leader, all-star player and most reliable volunteer” (Alexandra Camelo Rosas), Karly made a difference in the lives of the students she tutored in math and science in Calgary North-West and Downtown.

“She is so good working with the kids on their science experiments and projects and has a unique approach to teaching math!” - Alexandra Camelo Rosas

“Karly has been a great volunteer tutor! Her dedication and commitment to the Homework Club has been outstanding. It is easy to see that she cares about the students and wants to see them succeed. She has become someone the kids look up to and the community is so much better because of her volunteer efforts!” - Rebeca Andrada

When ISC and Calgary Housing started “The Garden” project in the same NW community of Beddington, Karly was the one sharing a wealth of gardening knowledge with our staff, contributing to the success of this initiative.

This is Karly’s story:

“I was born and raised in Calgary and I come from settler family which has been privileged to live in Canada and on Treaty Seven lands for many generations.

In my adult life I have lived and worked throughout Alberta and BC in a variety of industries including: Agriculture, Construction, Education, and Non-Profit. For the past 6 years I have been a professional tutor specializing in mathematics with an emphasis on engaging students in STEM.

When I was a young I had amazing adults in my life who modeled civic mindedness through self-reflection and volunteerism. It must be said therefore, that my contribution to ISC reflects the lasting impact and value of communities that encourage the engagement of children and youth in their city. My exposure to such communities in the past strongly informs my volunteerism today.

I have been a volunteer with Immigrant Services Calgary for a little under a year. In 2017 I decided I had the energy and time to offer my skills to immigrants and/or refugees or their families. The Homework Club at ISC is the right fit for me and my skill set, and I began volunteering for the program in the fall of 2017.  The young people I work with are fantastic and, as always tends to be the case when working with children and youth, I seem to learn as much from them as they do from me. My volunteer work is a highlight of my week and I am grateful to be part of the ISC community! “

We are privileged to work with you, Karly, and hope you will continue to support our community initiatives! Congratulations!